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Youth Internship

Learn, Grow, Impart

Engage in a 10 day intensive program 
6 persons minimum and 15 persons maximum groups
Ages: 18 – 28
Contact us for a custom youth program based on your team’s structure

What it's all about

The Youth Internship has been designed in such a way that makes it able to the interns to experience other cultures, be trained and equipped in ministry by getting involved to several ongoing ministries of the Apostolic Church of Thessaloniki, Greece. The prime focus is going deeper in our relationship with God, seek His face and hear from Him. We also learn, study, anticipate new experiences and having fun with many, many activities.


Bible School

Learn, explore and deepen your knowledge in the Books of Thessalonians and *Philippians while you’re actually standing on these biblical cities. Dig in the Greek words and compare parallel meanings and understandings of Bible verses.



Seminar topics: Cultivating character, identity in Christ, orientation in life and plenty others, plus Ted-Talks and Q&A’s.

Church Services

Be a part of the family of the Apostolic Church of Thessaloniki. The opportunity to share your testimony you experienced during the internship to the body of Christ will appear in an evening service.

Apostolic Outdoor Help Ministry

Witness the process and help prepare meals, tea, coffee and pack clothing for the homeless alongside with our outreach leaders who have many years of experience in the local urban streets.

Refugee Ministry

Meet the people, hear the incredible stories, listen to the problems and overcome challenges. Witness God changing and transforming lives and situations, see families come together at last. Experience different multicultural mindsets/characters/environments and learn how to communicate with them, show them Jesus Christ through your life and ultimately bring more people to Him. Prepare the facilities to hold our meetings and pray for fruitful appointments. Take advantage of the opportunities appearing, serve at our shelters and see how they live. Exercise your God given skills and talents by listening directly from Him and receiving wisdom on the spot in order to lead them to our Savior.

Biblical Location Tours

A. Basic package (no extra charges)

Explore the biblical city of Thessaloniki, see the synagogue where Apostle Paul preached and brought the Gospel to the Thessalonians. Visit Jason’s house where he hid Paul during persecution and also the catacombs where 2nd generation Christians were hidden.

B. Deluxe package

Additional trip to Philippi (120 Euros extra). Minimum 4 persons group.

It is a life time experience to visit the historical and biblical city of Philippi. It’s the very first city that Paul visited in Europe. Visit the place where Paul preached, see the prison of Paul that opened due to a divine earthquake and also where Lydia, the first European woman, was baptised.

Sports and Activities

Talent nights, Bible trivia games, bowling, football and basketball (matches can be organised depending on the number of people in the group), group games, karaokee nights, pizza & movie nights, arts & crafts and more.



*The Bible study of Philippians will take place at the trip and city of Philippi

Excursions at the Beach

Take one full day off and go swimming, chill on a deck chair at the beach, shop some touristic souvenirs, take a long walk enjoying the sun on your skin, dive in the crystal clear green and blue waters of Greece, relax, get your mind off of everyday worries and make some future memories.

Not the swimming type? Is it winter?

Just take the day off, sleep in, take a walk along the seaside of the city, visit the city center, read a book, go out for a coffee, do whatever relaxes you.

*The Bible study of Philippians will take place at the trip and city of Philippi


Pricing Tables double

We offer the possibility of custom programs. These programs refer to Church youths and youth groups. If you are a youth leader and wish for your team to participate, please contact us to build a flexible custom program according to your team’s structure.

Combine Internship and Vacations​

Need a few days off? Has it been a long year? Want to see more of Greece? We offer our guest rooms for rent. After participating in the internship, you can book our guest rooms! Take some days off and make a vacation out of it. For availability, please make an inquire by clicking on the button below.

*During your vacations, we rent only the guest rooms. This package doesn’t include breakfast, lunch & dinner meals or any other privileges of the internship program.