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Meet the staff


Paul Demetriades



Pastor Paul got to know Jesus as his Saviour from a very young age since he was born in a family of believers. The sincere decision though to give all of himself to Him was taken at the age of 17.

He has many years of ministerial experience which includes serving as a Youth Pastor, Helps Minister, Worship leader, Associate Pastor and his current position.

He is a dynamic teacher of the Word of God and a true worshiper. He is also an accomplished musician, concert pianist and a lover of music.

The desire of his heart is to help the people of his country, especially young people, to know God. He wants to create a safe environment where they will grow spiritually into seeking Him.

He serves God as the Senior Pastor of the A’ Apostolic Church of Thessalonica since 2010. He is married to Mary Demetriades and together they have two wonderful children; Yiannis who is 30 years old and Peter who is 24.




Further to his professional activities in the tertiary education and business environments, Dimitris ministers at the Apostolic Church as associate pastor under the leadership of pastor Dimitriadis. He is also a member of the 3-member Governing Committee of the Church.

Dimitris Kavakas has graduated the Word of Life Pastor's Course program in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is responsible and one of the teachers of the Church's Bible School and the President of the NGO Stirigma Zois (Child Support). He is married to Mika Bassou and they have 3 children, Nefeli, Jason and Angelo.






Peter gave his heart to Jesus at the age of 15 and has been a follower of Christ since then. From the beginning of his walk in faith, he immediately felt drawn to worship.

He started leading worship only a few months after he got saved. Since 2014 he is the main worship leader of the church. His Christian background, as well as the prayers of many key people, have influenced his worship. What really distinguishes him is his pure passion and his heart to see Jesus being exalted through praise and worship.

He is currently serving under the leadership of pastor Paul Demetriades both as a music leader and also in other areas of service. He trains worship leaders, he serves as a youth leader and he is part of the leadership of his church. He is a fifth generation believer in his family and loves his church with all his heart.

He is married to Bora Demetriades.